Meli Jean

Meli Jean

Founder of Meli Marketing

Winner of several awards, including the (2011-2012) NAPW, "Woman of the Year", and the (2016) BBB’s "Winner of Distinction" and most recently 2017’s International Davey Award, Meli Jean is an accomplished marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder of noted companies like Jump & Joy Party Rentals™ and namely, Meli Marketing™ agency. She was recently interviewed on Texas Business Radio and recognized by Forbes Magazine for her expertise in digital marketing.

With an M.Arch and B.Arch, and Minor in ELDS, Meli combines her ingenuity and analytical thinking to deliver an experience that stands out for her clients. Meli’s marketing agency has enhanced thousands of successful national marketing promotions, with over 16 years of experience. "We’ve built client partnerships, and in turn, my marketing campaign endeavors have built lifelong relationships" – Meli Jean

Meli loves her work and is a self-driven impresario of digital marketing and design. Her team at Meli Marketing™; are likewise passionate about design, strategy, and the art of understanding what appeals to people in social media and digital trends. She teaches her team, which consists of designers, developers, and analysts, to understand their client’s wants and needs; and to pay attention to marketing trends.

"We don’t just create brands. We design an image, an ideal, and an experience that customers make a part of their life. We deliver the one that makes you stand out. We build relationships and strong companies." – Meli Jean

Meli’s teams at Meli Marketing™ are certified professionals who focus their creative talents to strengthen their clients’ exposure to their target demographics and buyer personas. As a Google Partner, they also utilize many options to design and the increase online traffic of their clients’ websites; using SEO, Adwords, PR, Social Promotion, Web Design & Development, App Development, and other Inbound Marketing Strategies.